Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thankless job

Last night Randy called his mom to tell her the good news about Reese using the potty all by herself. I happened to overhear him telling her the story and it went something like this: "So we put the potty away for a little..., we helped her to get on the potty...", we, we, we!!!!!! I'm sorry but he wasn't there until after she had peed and all he did was get her some candy as a reward. Not to mention that I'm the one that has done all of the work over the past 6 months on gettting her to this point! I'm sure his mom knows that it was me who did everything, but it kind of peeved me off listening to him tell the story as if he had had any part in our success!

This reminded me of our very first checkup with Reese after she was born. The doctor asked us how many times she ate and about how much she was eating. Randy immediately piped in with the answer, while I tried to count them up in my sleep-deprived head. How could he answer this when I was breastfeeding and he was staying on the road 5 nights a week. The doctor then asked how much we were changing wet and poopy diapers. Again Randy chimed right in with an answer, though he had never changed a single diaper. I can count on one hand how many diapers he has changed in the past 2 years! He is the first one to eat at family functions or when we go out to eat, while I cut up food or feed the kids. He has never given a bath or dressed the kids. On the other hand, I lean on him to do a lot of the punishing since I can be a pushover and Reese definitely knows it. He also spends a lot of his time that he could be doing things with the kids to work and provide for us. The other day somebody asked if it is easier to be the mom or the dad. I responded that they both have there advantages and rewards and I would still have to agree.

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