Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Can we put down some roots already?!

In May my husband and I will have been married for five years. In that time we have lived in 4 houses in 3 different towns! Right before we got married we bought an acreage in the country and planned to build a house on it. As we couldn't get financing right out of college, we had to hold off on building until we had been at our new jobs for a few weeks. Luckily, the man we had bought the acreage from had a rental house, that he was nice enough to rent to us for $100 a month. Great deal, right? Let me just tell you that you get what you pay for! It was a really cool old farmhouse, but we ended up blocking off three rooms of the house and living in those because the rest of the house was so scary and dilapidated. In the 3 months that we lived there we caught at least 20 mice, and it was summertime! Can't imagine if it would have been wintertime! Thank God we were fresh out of college and had very little furniture because almost everything we moved in there, we left because we were afraid to bring varmints with us.

After the 3 months we moved into our brand new ranch house! With money from our wedding we slowly bought new furniture for the house. After about a year, we realized that we were in over our heads and put the house up for sale. The listing was about to run out and we were at a point that we thought we could actually keep it, so I started painting and personalizing the house. A week later, we had an offer on the house because the buyer really liked the color I had picked for the dining room! I was devastated!

Fortunately, we found a house in the neighboring town that I absolutely loved. We moved into the house on our 1 year anniversary! You know that your bond is strong as a couple when you spend your 1st anniversary yelling at each other about where to put the furniture instead of out for a romantic evening. One of our new neighbors even pulled out a lawn chair and sat at the end of her driveway taking it all in (suprised she didn't have popcorn and all the fixings for the show we were putting on!)

Once again, I had just about gotten the house exactly the way I wanted it, when Randy accepted a new job. We could live anywhere in the midwest, so we decided to move home to be by family since he would be on the road a lot and we were expecting. We moved in with my mom in Dubuque and started working and waited for our house to sell. We found a house and moved in the middle of January. We lived in this 4 bedroom house for 3 months with only a bed on the floor until our old house finally sold and we could move all of our furniture back.

Fast forward 2 years and we currently have our house for sale! The plan is to build our dream house on a lot that we have purchased and to live there the rest of our days! Well, at least that is my plan. In my husband's opinion nothing is permanent and can be sold! I can't believe that we have been married for 5 years and together for 8! There must not be a market for me because I'm sure my husband would not refuse any acceptable offers!

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