Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Made up words

We have been watching a lot of the Olympic coverage and talking about the different events lately. The kids try to get in on our conversation with their thoughts and ideas about the "balifics". Though I have been trying to really sound out the word slowly, they continue to call it the "balifics". The other day Reese told me that "dangling lines" were hard to draw. Unsure what a "dangling line" was, I asked her to clarify. She started describing to me that a triangle is made of one straight line and two "dangling lines"otherwise known as diagonal lines.


Since football season has started we have had several opportunities to sport our hawks gear. The first time was during an open practice at Kinnick. Randy and I were very excited to take the kids to the stadium and see their reactions. Unfortunately, they were not nearly as excited as we would have hoped.
I snapped these pictures of the kids in their black and gold before the first home game. Gretchen is actually wearing one of Aidan's old outfits, so I threw the bow on to be sure people knew she is a girl!
Whatever the season brings, the kids will definitely be cute cheering on our favorite team!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Swimming lessons

Both kids attended their final swim lesson for the fall last week. During the lesson, the instructor asked the kids to dunk their heads under the water while she counted to see how long they could hold their breath. The first few kids went and she counted to anywhere from 10 to 15 for each one. Finally, she got to Aidan, the youngest in the class. She started counting immediately after his head went underwater. When she got to 10 she kept going to 15. At 15 she looked impressed and continued counting to 20. At 20 she got a little worried and continued on to 25 when he finally lifted his head up out of the water. Needless to say, both kids passed the level 1 that I originally signed them up for and accomplished all but 2-3 skills from the level 2 class. I am so proud of my little fish!

Let me show you what I can do!

While riding home from swim lessons the other day, Reese started showing me how she could make each of the letter sounds. Apparently Aidan felt left out because he interrupted with, "Mommy, I know things too! A, B, C, D, E, F, G!" and he continued to sing the alphabet. They both have a little bit of a competitive side!


The other day Reese and I were talking and out of the blue she says, "Remember how I didn't even get a cake on my birthday because you were at the hospital getting baby Gretchen out of your stomach." I reminded her that we did not have cake on her birthday but we did go to Happy Joe's for pizza and an ice cream sundae the night before and threw a giant Tangled themed bash the day after I got home from the hospital. Though she admitted that both events were fun it was just not acceptable that we did not have a cake on her actual birthday! And so it begins!