Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cute expressions

Recently Reese's vocabulary has exploded! She is talking a lot! Some of it is still blabbering and undecipherable, but she also uses full sentences to ask for things. The following are a few of the things that she says that are just too cute:

Ki Ki- Reese has had blankies since she was a baby. If she is upset, hurt, sleeping or anything else she has to have her ki ki. I don't know where this expression came from other than that she shortened it from blankie to ki ki.

Fruit fruit- Almost every night since Reese was able to eat real food, she and I have shared a grapefruit. She gets really excited and tries to help me peel it because she just cannot wait to eat it. Again she must have shortened this one to just the last sylable.

Morning buddy- Every morning when Aidan wakes up, I go into his room and exclaim, "Good morning buddy!". It is just too cute when Reese follows me in and repeats those words. I hope that it is a sign that they will be good friends!

Mess- Somewhere Reese has picked up her mother's obsession with cleanliness. Recently she spilled some juice and ran into the kitchen to grab a towel to clean it up. Until she had sufficiently wiped it up she repeated, "uh oh, mess!"

Flower (sniff, sniff)- Whenever Reese sees a flower she says flower and makes a noise like she is smelling it, she does this whether it is real or in a book, carpet or wherever!

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