Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Friday, September 10, 2010

Everything that I want!

Randy and his family recently finished up my new car, a Chevy Malibu Max. It is a very cute and sporty looking car. I definitely feel safer driving it than the convertible with the kids. It is also so much easier to get the kids in and out of than the convertible. I do however miss how Reese called the convertible my "carvertible". One of the first days driving the car Reese announced from her seat that she loved my beautiful new car. Just last night while driving to the grocery store, Reese discovered a cup holder in the back of the fold down middle seat. She was so excited to find the cup holders and announced, "This car has cup holders, one for me and one for Aidan. This car has everything that I want!" So there you have it, give the girl some cup holders and a built in DVD player and she will love ya forever!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

Last week when I picked Reese up from her grammy's, she shared with me that her friends Sam and Kylie had new babies. She then informed me that she did not have a baby, she had a big brother. I then asked her if she would like a baby brother or sister? She responded emphatically and without hesitation, "NO!"
I would love to have 1, if not 2 more children. Randy still needs some convincing, obviously Reese does too!


Tonight Aidan found some of Reese's bangle bracelets and put them on. He came over to me, hands up, displaying the bracelets and announced, "Cute!" He also has a fetish for her dress up shoes!

We recently bought Aidan some new tennis shoes for fall. He wore them for the first time on Monday and it was hilarious watching him take his first couple of steps. He just started walking this spring and has only worn sandals, so the feeling of shoes was totally new to him. Once he got used to them he did not want to take them off! Tonight we came in for dinner and I took his shoes off. After dinner he brought his shoes in to Randy and laid down on the floor so that he could put them on for him!