Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pregnancy Gripes

I love being pregnant and would continue having children as long as I could. My husband on the other hand, took some convincing for us to try for a third child and absolutely does not want any more children. With this in mind, I have decided to document some of my pregnancy gripes from my current pregnancy to pull out for future reference when I get baby fever!

1. Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel: I experienced pains in my wrists during my last two pregnancies. During my pregnancy with Aidan, I wore wrist braces for several months. This time it wasn't bad enough to get out the braces, but I did have numbness and pain for a few weeks.

2. Back pain: In the past few weeks, my back pain has been so severe that I can barely walk. I expereinced sharp pains in my back as I stood up from sitting or moved in my chair. Once standing, I walked while dragging my left leg. Besides having trouble walking, it was unbearable to get dressed!

3. Swollen feet: Recently my feet have begun to swell incredibly. Though I have been propping my feet up under my desk, my feet have swollen outside my shoes! The last thing I want to do after sitting at work all day, is go home and sit to prop my feet up, but I can't do anything else!

4. Less time with the kids: As my current pregnancy has progressed, I have not been playing, snuggling, or even parenting the kids like I usually do. When a fight breaks out between the kids, I often let them try to work things out themselves, because I do not have the energy to put myself in the middle of their fight. Also, the kids do not fit in my lap for snuggle time like they used to!

5. Sleeping: It is almost impossible to get comfortable. With pillows between my knees and under my belly, I usually start out the night on one side and rotate at least 4 times (the amount of times that I get up to go to the bathroom!) Each time that I get up to go to the bathroom I carefully make my way to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. Then I sit for a minute as my body registers all of my aches and pains. Finally, I stand up and limp, waddle and wince as I make my way to the bathroom. I am always amazed when I crawl back into bed and spend 10 minutes struggling to position all of my pillows, that my husband has managed to sleep through the whole 25 minute ordeal of me going to the bathroom!

6. Cleaning: I prefer to maintain a clean and organized house, not only because it makes it easier to find things and maintain a schedule, but because cleaning is a stress reliever for me. I usually spend Saturday mornings cleaning the entire house and clean as needed throughout the rest of the week. In the past few weeks, my ability to get around and clean like I usually do has severely suffered. It seems like there are piles of stuff everywhere, clothes sit sorted in the basement and are worn again before even making their way to the kids dressers!, I go to bed with the kids toys strewn all over the living room, etc. It drives me crazy, but just the thought of getting the clothes from the basement to the kids rooms on the second story makes me tired and sore!

7.Nesting: Though I despise the thought of having to exert myself to clean, I do have an urge to make room for the baby and to decorate the kids rooms. I have not "decorated" the kids rooms since we moved into our home 2 1/2 years ago because I knew that I wanted more kids and was not sure that the rooms they strarted out in would be the rooms they would stay in. Reese's room is larger and attached to a half finished attic space that could be expanded to make an even larger room. We planned on having the third child share with either Reese or Aidan in this larger room depending on the baby's sex. I did not find out the baby's gender because I wanted to enjoy this pregnancy since it will likely be my last. I spent the 20 weeks after finding out the sex of the previous two buying furniture, decorating rooms, and finding the clothes and blankets and stuff to fill it all in. Since we have everything for a boy or girl, we will simply need to pull the right items out of the closet and set up. But now the wait is killing me!

8. Social Life: Usually after spending the entire week at work and at home, I can't wait to get out of the house to go out to dinner or do some shopping. Lately, if it is not a necessary trip, I am more than happy to just stay home. I even asked Randy to go out and do the grocery shopping by himself this morning because I just did not want to get dressed and go out of the house. We even skipped our ritual of eating out Friday night and Randy picked up pizzas instead! Family members have been trying to plan summer time vacations and keep asking if we will really be ready to go with only weeks after having the baby, and I immediately respond "Yes!" After spending the next 6-7 weeks at home or at work, I am going to be so ready for a change in scenery!

9.Finally, many family members and friends have been very sweet to remark that I make a beautiful pregnant woman, but I feel more like a beached whale than anything human these days! Here are a few pictures from this pregnancy as evidence: January 2012- 22 weeks
March 2012- 29 weeks
There it is, my gripes about being pregnant and a reminder to myself to look back on when baby fever strikes about a year from now!

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