Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dancing Queen

This past weekend we attended a wedding. Reese loves to dance and was so excited for the music to start and the dancing to begin. During the whole dinner and wedding stuff (cake cutting, bride and groom dance etc) we played with the kids on a deck at the venue. Here she is taking a break from playing.
Finally, when the music started for the dance, Reese sprinted to and was the first one on the floor. At first she just ran around in cirlces, pretty much preventing anyone else from even entering the dance floor.

After a few minutes she was absolutely drenched in sweat and began to do some actual dancing. Awhile later I noticed that she kept leaving the dance floor and leaning against the wall. Upon closer inspection, I realized that she was leaning over an air vent to cool off and watch her dress blow up around her! Here she is standing over the vent with her uncle Derek.

She got her Grammy and Grampy to dance with her.

Towards the end of the night she actually went out to the tables surrounding the dance floor and dragging people onto the dance floor to dance with her! I lost her at one point during the night and started walking around looking for her. I found her talking to some girls, who said that she had asked them to come dance with her! Such a little social butterfly!
We had a long drive home and an early morning ahead of us, so we had to leave around 9. Randy and I packed up the car while the kids danced some more with their grandparents. Finally we said goodbye and loaded into the car. Randy carried Reese kicking and screaming that she was not done dancing yet! I told her that we had planty of weddings and dances coming up this summer. Now everyday as I get ready for work, Reese is asking me if we get to go to a wedding! She also began singing the hokey pokey this morning!

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