Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Thursday, April 1, 2010

"I can make that my own!"

I don't know where this saying came from, but recently whenever there is a commercial on tv for some toy or we are shopping and Reese sees something she would like, she will exclaim, "Mommy! I can make that my own!" She doesn't save this commercialism for herself, whenever there is something that she thinks somebody else would like, she will ask, "Mommy, you make that your own?" This is just one of the many examples of how Reese talks like a child at least twice her age. It is so funny sometimes to hear the things that come out of her mouth and to think that she is only going on 3!

Randy and I call each other "babes" and a few times Reese has called one of us by this pet name, but it actually comes out sounding like "bapes".

Finally, this week Randy was out of town on business and Reese wanted to talk to him. We called his cell and when the female voice came on the line announcing that the person we intended to call was unavailable, Reese was indignant, "That's not my daddy!" I held the phone up to her ear and tried to get her to leave him a message, but he ended up with me in the background saying, "Tell Daddy you love him." Then I told her to give daddy a kiss and she planted a big smooch on the phone, so cute!

Aidan is not one to be left out while his outspoken sister takes the spotlight! He has been blabbering up a storm lately. One of his favorite things to do is stand at the windows and watch the cars go by or watch tv and point while blabbering on and on. I respond with, "Really, Aidan", or "Reese do you know what he is saying?" He does have a few words down pat though. He can clearly say "Up", "Da", and "Aubrey" (sounds like Ah-brey). Yes you read that right, he calls his dad "Da" and me "Aubrey", just like Reese did!

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