Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Friday, September 30, 2011

Jabber box

Just a few weeks ago, when I would call my mom the kids would beg to talk to her and then spend the entire time on the phone nodding their heads and grunting their responses to her questions about their day.

Last night, while driving home from Reese's tumbling class, I gave Reese the phone to call Grandma Potter....and she talked her ear off! Reese blabbed on and on and on. She did give me the phone so that I could say a quick hello, but then she was crying for the phone back immediately!

Reese's independence in public has increased as well. Whenever people used to ask her a question, she would look to me to answer or kind of grunt a response. She would never approach people, even kids her own age. Now she often responds with very lengthy answers when people ask her a question. She also has several "friends" in her preschool and tumbling classes that she talks with and tells me about.

It has been so fun to see this transformation in Reese from shy, quiet, mommy's girl to outgoing, friendly and talkative individual. I credit a lot of the transformation to Reese's time at preschool and also involvement in activities with girls her own age (swim and tumbling). I can't wait to see her interactions with her peers as she starts kindergarten and 1st grade.

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