Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day....Almost

For weeks we have been counting down the days until Reese starts Pre-School. Reese has been counting down with increasing excitement while I have been wondering how this time has come so quickly!
This morning Reese woke up and she was so excited to get all dressed up and ready for school. We ate breakfast and then she picked out her first day dress. She got dressed and sat quietly while I fixed her hair. Finally, she was all ready and it was time for a few pictures. She started out striking this adorable pose:

Then I had her put on her backpack and stand by the front door:

She was still all smiles when I had little brother join in:

We took pictures of her freshly painted toes, her hair style and her backpack and we were all ready to go about 10 minutes early. The sky was turning black and you could already hear the rumble of thunder, so we headed out a few minutes early to avoid the rain. Unfortunately by the time we got to grammy's the rain had started. I dropped the kids off and Randy was going to pick Reese up 2 hours later to drop her off at Pre-School. He texted me to confirm what time to drop her off and I thought we were all set.
Then at about 9:30 I get a text message with this picture:

Notice that the smile is gone. Randy took her to Pre-School only to find out that we were 2 weeks early! Reese was so disappointed! They ended up getting more information while they were there, that included a supply list and dates. He kept asking her if she was ok, but he said that she looked like if she talked she would start crying. When they returned to grammy's Reese kept telling her that, "This just isn't going to work." and "Mommy was wrong!" I was sure that I was going to be in big trouble when I went to pick her up after work, but suprisingly that was not the case. She had just woken up when I got there and she ran up to give me a big hug. I said that I was sorry that she didn't get to start school and she told me, "It just didn't work out." She was such a trooper through all the disappointment! On a happy note, I feel that we are ready for the chaos of getting ready and out the door on time on Pre-School days. And if we aren't, we already have 1st day pics!

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