Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Today I took both kids to the dentist for a cleaning. I spent the day before prepping them for the appointment which was easier than I expected since Reese was able to recount her last visit (almost 2 years ago) step by step as if it had happened yesterday. I asked her if she would go first and show Aidan how it was done and she was more than happy to oblige. They both walked around the house practicing opening their mouths wide and smiling to show off their teeth.
When we arrived at the office, they asked a few questions and then called both kids back at the same time. They asked Reese if she would be ok by herself so that mommy could sit with Aidan. She was very brave and hopped right up into the seat shooshing Aidan and I onto the next room. The hygienists gave each of the kids a pair of sunglasses to put on to protect their eyes from the bright lights and from overspray from their tools. We laid Aidan across our laps so that his head was in the dentists lap during the cleaning. He was very cooperative and opened his mouth wide before she even asked! He didn't squirm once during the cleaning and was very obedient. He was so good at showing off his smile that we had to ask him several times to close his mouth and bite down so she could check his alignment.
By the time Aidan was finished, Reese had already had her cleaning. We followed the dentist into Reese's room and helped to get a few x-rays of Reese's bad front tooth. Then they finished her exam and allowed both kids to pick out a toy and stickers.

The next day while brushing our teeth, Reese stopped and said, "Oh, wait, I forgot my sunglasses!" It was so funny! Now she thinks she needs to be a little diva and wear her glasses while brushing her teeth at home!

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