Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fairy- The Best Week of Summer

This past week was the Mississippi Valley Fair, the greatest fair in the state in my opinion. We bought our fun cards which allowed us entrance into the fairgrounds and to each of the concerts during the entire week for just $40. The fun card is definitely worth it, as the acts that we were able to see would easily be $40 each in concert. Tuesday was the first day and we had a late start as Randy did not get home from work until later. We had about an hour before the concert started, so we wandered around the fairgrounds taking in all of the sights (rides, animals, music, etc). We found a grassy spot in the grandstand for the concert where we could hear the music, but the kids could run around and play. It was so hot, around 95 degrees, but the kids would not sit still!

The second night we were able to get to the fairgrounds early enough to go to the petting zoo and watch a few midway shows. Blake Shelton performed for an almost record crowd while the kids enjoyed playing with their glow sticks from aunt Steffy!

The third night we left the kids with aunt Steffy so that we could enjoy a date night. I was really looking forward to Darius Rucker's performance and he did not disappoint. Though I was thankful to be able to enjoy the concert without being interrupted with having to go to the bathroom or get snacks or toys, I definitely teared up when he started singing, "It won't be like this for long".

The next night we took it easy and the kids played in Aunt Linda's van. When the concert started (Steve Miller Band) the kids and I took a walk around the fairgrounds. We checked out the rides and sought shelter when it started to rain. Fortunately they had a display where you could watch baby chicks hatch. Soon after we decided to head home.

Saturday night we also hung out by the cars while the kids played. There were a lot of horses walking past from the barns to the judging area and the kids stopped whatever they were doing to just watch them walk past. It was so funny when they started to play Limbo under some parking tape. Aidan just kind of stuck his belly out and walked under the tape. So cute!

We were pretty tired from the week, so we sat and listened to the music of the Charlie Daniels Band while the kids played.
Sunday was the final day of the fair. We spent the early afternoon boating, so we got to the fairgrounds just before the concert. Miranda Lambert was on stage and I was really excited for Reese to see a female singer. Though she was excited to see a cowgirl, she was much more entertained playing with the cars in the dirt.

We were worn out from the weeks events at the fairy (nicknamed that by Aidan) and the kids were absolutely delirious, so we went home and went straight to bed. The kids woke up the next morning and asked if we could go to the fairy, so I would guess that they enjoyed it! I only hope that next year will be as much fun as this year was!

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