Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reesisms- SSC Edition

I love that at Star Spangled Celebration you are able to walk up near the stage to see the performers up close and take pictures. I wanted to take Reese up with me to see the stage up close, but she did not want to go at first. I decided to carry her with me and she loved it! As soon as we got back to our seats she was immediately upset that she could not longer see the performers. She walked with me to see every performer after that!

Later in the evening the light shows on the stage were much more visible. At one point during Wynona Judd's performance the lights were blue. Reese looked at me and asked me, "Mommy can you change the colors to pink and purple? I would really like that!"

In between concerts, they often blared music over the speakers and it would be difficult to make out what Reese was saying. I asked her several times what she was saying and she would respond, "I'm just singing mommy!" I think she is going to be a little performer someday!

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