Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Little Houdini

I happened to catch Reese doing a "magic trick" as I was passing the toy room the other day. She had stuffed several rabbits into a cabinet and had her magic wand. She waved the wand around and said, "Abra cadabra, disappear rabbits!" Then she hit the door with the wand. The door didn't close to hide the rabbits, so she said, "Didn't work! I gotta try that again." She repeated the process about 4 more times before finally closing the door with her hand. Once it was closed she said, "There, disappeared!" She finally turned around because I broke out into laughter and she laughed with me!

I told Randy the story later that night and he relayed the following story to me: Reese had a stuffed animal laying on the floor next to her and she waved her wand in the air and said, "Abra cadabra, disappear!" The animal did not disappear so she slyly kicked it out of the way and said, "It's gone!"

I don't know where this sudden interest in magic came from, but it is hillarious to see how she thinks it works!

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