Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Saturday, February 18, 2012


The kids have been fighting like crazy lately, so this cute little sign of affection proved to me that deep down they really do love each other!

The other night, Aidan was pretending that we were a family of birds from the movie "Rio."

Aidan: "Mommy will be the mommy bird, Reese can be the sweetheart, I will be the boy and daddy will be a boy."

I thought that it was so cute that Aidan called her the sweetheart and not just a girl! It was also rather hilarious that daddy is just another boy rather than a daddy. Sometimes I think that Randy takes on more of a disciplinary role than I do, so to have Aidan label him as a boy, made me think that he thinks of him more as a friend and equal, whereas calling me the mommy shows that he knows and understands my role as a caretaker. Though this may not be the truth at all because you never quite know what these kids are thinking!

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