Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mother/ Son movie date

For my birthday, over a month ago, Randy gave me a gift card to take Aidan to a movie of his choice. We finally found the perfect time to steal away for a little one on one time this past Sunday. While Randy and Reese were occupied at the boat show, Aidan and I headed to the theatre to watch "Chipwrecked", the Chipmunks third movie. On the way to the theatre, Aidan talked non-stop!
Aidan: "Are we going to the moobie featre?"
Me: "Yes we are."
Aidan: "Yay! Are we going to watch the Chipmunks?"
Me: "Yes we are."
Aidan: "Yay! Are we going to get popcorn?"
Me:"Of course."
Aidan: "Yay!"
The questions continued all the way there. I was totally cracking up!

When we finally got there, he was so excited! He kept saying how we were going to the moobies and daddy and Reese didn't get to go. He was definitely feeling pretty special! He was not too happy to have to wait in line for our tickets, but the people around us were getting a kick out of his antics. With tickets in hand, we stopped at the restroom before getting our popcorn and pop. I had my hands full with coats and purse and our pop, so I gave Aidan our large popcorn to carry to the theatre. He took off and I was waiting for him to spill it all over, but he was very careful. I guess he got a little hungry on our walk to the theatre because I caught him sticking his tongue into the bucket and sneaking a few kernels!

We found an aisle seat in the theatre just in case we had to take a potty break during the movie. He sat right down and dug into the popcorn. He stopped only occassionally to comment on how we were watching the Chipmunks and that Reese and daddy were not there. After the movie started he snuggled right up to the arm I had in his seat to hold the chair down. He looked up at me and said, "Mommy, I love you!" Though I wanted to shush him for the sake of the other patrons, I couldn't because I was too chocked up. He got a little antsy towards the end of the movie, but we made it all the way through without a potty break or major interruptions for the people around us.

Just like my date with Reese, this experience showed me how different both of the kids personalities can be when they are in a one on one situation. It also affirmed that we should continue these one on one dates with the kids. Though I have always tried to include both of the kids in everything I do, these experiences have taught me that it is beneficial to have certain events that are special to each kid as an individual. I can't wait until my next special date day with my little man!

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