Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Monday, May 2, 2011

Already trying to act older

While waiting in line at the grocery store, Reese and an older woman had a short conversation. The woman asked Reese, "How old are you?" To which Reese immediately replied, "I am 5!" I laughed out loud and explained to the woman that Reese is 3, soon to be 4. Though she did not say anything, I think that the woman totally would have believed Reese's response!

Also, this weekend a new neighbor came over and we were visiting and getting to know each other. Reese started telling her that in a few weeks she would be going to school. The neighbor asked, "Will you be going to Kindergarten or 1st grade?" I responded that Reese would be starting 4 year old pre-school in the fall, after her birthday in June. The woman looked shocked and said that Reese easily looks at least 6 years old because she is so tall.

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