Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Friday, July 8, 2011

Summertime 2011

It has been a jam packed summer so far! So jam packed, in fact, that we put a list of the things that we want to do on our chalkboard to make sure that we get to them all!

We spent the first few warm days lounging around grammy's pool.

Soon after Reese's birthday we bought a membership to Niabi Zoo. The kids ran from one exhibit to the next! We started in the petting zoo and worked our way through 1/2 of the zoo. We took a quick break to ride the train around the zoo and then made our way back to the exhibits we had missed.

Here the kids are in front of the lion cage. Unfortunately, I did not have my memory card and did not get many pictures! Thankfully with the membership we can go back as many times as we want over the next year.

That weekend, we went boating, as we usually do, but we also got out the tube.

Reese and daddy

Aidan and daddy

During a rainy day the next week, we decided to go to John Deere Commons in Moline to check out the tractors. The kids had a blast climbing into each of the different tractors on display and pretending to drive.

During our weekly boating trip that Sunday, the kids discovered the fun of jumping off of the back of the boat!

This activity keeps them entertained for hours!

Over the course of the rest of the month we also visited a local park, spent a few days with Grandma Potter, played at the beach, went to the races, and spent countless hours outside riding our bikes and fourwheelers and swinging in our own yard. Despite how busy we have been, we still have lots of activities left on our list, and only about 6 weeks left to do them in!

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