Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Friday, April 8, 2011

My ABC's

I just saw this on a blog that I follow and thought that it would be fun to do. If you’ve done it, leave me the link to your post in the comments! I love learning random facts about you guys. :)

{a} age: 30

{b} bed size: Queen - My husband has tried talking me into a king, but I like the closeness.

{c} chore you hate: I actually love cleaning, except for toilets and showers!

{d} dogs: none! We had pets before children and were not very good pet parents! (One was run over by a car and the other was so naughty we returned him to the pound.) Fortunately that was not an indicator as to how we would be as parents to children.

{e} essential start to your day: shower. I do not feel awake until I have had my shower.

{f} favorite color: lime green.

{g} gold or silver: Silver or white gold.

{h} height: 5’9”

{i} instruments you play: I played the clarinet for 8 years, but am not sure that I could still play it today!

{j} job title: Currently a Special Education Aide. Next year I will start working as a substitute teacher.

{k} kids: two. Reese (3) and Aidan (2). I guess 3 if you count my husband, Randy.

{l} live: Princeton, IA

{m} mom's name: Laura. Here she is with her pride and joy, her grandkids.

{n} nicknames: My friends call me Aubs. My husband calls me babes.

{o} overnight hospital stays: tonsils and adnoids as a child, for depression in high school, and childbirth as an adult.

{p} pet peeves: people not picking up after themselves.

{q} quote from a movie: "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get."

{r} right- or left-handed: left handed

{s} siblings: 3 younger brothers and 1 younger sister. My mom named us in alphabetical order (Aubrey, Brandon, Courtney, Devin & Elliot).

{t} time you wake up: 5 am during the week and as late as 6:30 on non-working days!

{u} underwear: Victoria's Secret

{v} vegetables you dislike: I like vegetables, I just don't choose to eat them as much as I should.

{w} what makes you run late: changing clothes 100 times, the kids not cooperating.

{x} x-rays you've had: Broken leg, sprained wrist

{y} yummy food you make: I do not really like to cook. We make whatever is quick and easy. My husband does like my chicken and rice baked with cream of mushroom soup, but everything else comes from a recipe from his mom!

{z} zoo - favorite animal: monkeys and panda bears.

Now you know just a little bit about me, that you never really wanted to know!

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