Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Pirate's Life for Me!

I bought each of the kids a roll of pictures and markers to color on our vacation. Aidan immediately unrolled the pictures and revealed the cardboard tube inside. He decorated it with his markers and then decided it needed a little something extra to make it a spyglass. He went into the bathroom while I was preoccupied organizing some stuff in the room. Next thing I know Randy is screaming at Aidan to stop and get out of the bathroom. I run in to see what is going on and find Aidan with a pile of toilet paper on the floor in front of him. He decided that he needed another tube for his spyglass and knew exactly where to find one! Though I was mad at him for wasting the roll of toilet paper, I was pretty impressed that he had figured out a way to make his spyglass all on his own.

The next day as he was playing with his new spyglass, he said, "Mommy, I only need one more thing."

Me: "Oh yeah, what's that?"

Aidan: "A parrot!"

This kid is going to be in heaven when we make it to Peg Leg Pete's (a pirate themed restaurant) for dinner one night during our vacation!

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