Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My kryptonite

Randy and I were talking about the baby the other day and how different this pregnancy has been from the other two, when he remarked, "Yeah, I finally found your kryptonite!" referring to my fatique!

Before getting pregnant I was always the last one to bed. Randy would fall in soon after the kids did, while I often stayed up until 12 or even 1 in the morning. Not only was this time for me to catch up on cleaning or other projects around the house, it was my time for me! My time to watch whatever I wanted on the tv, play around on the internet and read my favorite blogs, download, organize and create things from my favorite family pictures.

Being unable to stay up past 10pm has put me seriously behind on housework. Most nights I go to bed with dishes in the sink and loads of laundry left undone. My husband enjoys that I go to bed at the same time as him and stay there, even though I often end up mumbling and falling asleep on him rather than carrying on any kind of conversation. I have not had any spare time to work on the crafts that I enjoy, but I am very thankful for the little baby that is developing as a result of this "kryptonite"!

Just clone me!

The other day while grammy was tucking Reese in for her nap, she told her how much she was going to miss "her Reese" when she starts Kindergarten in the fall.

After thinking for a few moments, Reese responded, "Well, grammy, you will have the new baby."

Grammy immediately replied, "That is not the same as my Reese!"

Reese thought for a moment and said, "Well, we could name the new baby Reese!"

Monday, November 14, 2011

I stand corrected!

The kids were ecstatic to find new toys, including a play drum and horns, at my mom's this weekend. At one point, Reese was banging on the drum and playing a horn while marching around the room. I said, "Reese, you are a one-man band!"

Without skipping a beat, Reese replied, "I'm not a man!"

"Sorry, make that one-woman band!"

Sunday, November 13, 2011

So Drama

After watching the above video, Reese exclaimed, "I am so drama!"

Yes honey, you are "so drama".

Monday, November 7, 2011

Scooby Doo

While out shopping over the weekend, we noticed that they still had lots of Halloween costumes leftover marked down 75%. We started looking through the costumes to see if we could find something for the kids for next year. Reese had trouble choosing between several different princess/fairy/butterfly costumes. In the end we chose a purple princess costume and a black and pink butterfly costume. I found several different costumes that I thought Aidan would like- dinosaur, cowboy and race car driver. Finally, Randy came across a Scooby Doo costume and Aidan was so excited. As soon as we got home both of the kids had to get their costumes out and try them on. We knew that Reese's butterfly costume was probably going to be too small to last until next year, which is why we got her the second costume in a larger size. The Scooby costume looked large, but when I put it on Aidan, it was already tight, definitely not going to make it until next year!

Though it may not fit next year, we are definitely getting our use out of it now. He has not taken it off, even to sleep, in the past 3 days!

I can see Christmas!

The other day while at their grammy's somebody said, "Christmas is right around the corner."

Aidan took the saying literally and ran around the corner to see if he could see Christmas coming.

You have to love kids!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pregnancy Brain

Twice this week, I have forgotten to wash my hair during my morning shower. I wet my hair down and then completely forgot to put soap in and rinse it out. I only notice the mistake as I am drying my hair and though it is dry it still looks shiny and greasy!

I had a third episode of pregnancy brain today as I went out to lunch with my family. I made my order and went to sit at the table with the kids while my husband waited for the food. When he arrived with two whoppers and asked me which one was mine, I protested that I did not order a whopper, but a whopper junior. He immediately told me, I distinctly remember you asking for a #1. I reviewed the menu board as we were leaving and confirmed that I did indeed order a whopper and not the whopper junior as I had thought.

I do not remember having pregnancy brain so much with my previous pregnancies, so I'm not sure if I should attribute it to the fact that I have two kids already or that this pregnancy is just that much different.