Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My kryptonite

Randy and I were talking about the baby the other day and how different this pregnancy has been from the other two, when he remarked, "Yeah, I finally found your kryptonite!" referring to my fatique!

Before getting pregnant I was always the last one to bed. Randy would fall in soon after the kids did, while I often stayed up until 12 or even 1 in the morning. Not only was this time for me to catch up on cleaning or other projects around the house, it was my time for me! My time to watch whatever I wanted on the tv, play around on the internet and read my favorite blogs, download, organize and create things from my favorite family pictures.

Being unable to stay up past 10pm has put me seriously behind on housework. Most nights I go to bed with dishes in the sink and loads of laundry left undone. My husband enjoys that I go to bed at the same time as him and stay there, even though I often end up mumbling and falling asleep on him rather than carrying on any kind of conversation. I have not had any spare time to work on the crafts that I enjoy, but I am very thankful for the little baby that is developing as a result of this "kryptonite"!

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