Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Playing in the snow

We had been home for about an hour this afternoon, when the kids began fighting for the umpteenth time and I decided we should go outside. It had snowed about an inch today so I needed to shovel and thought that the fresh air would do the kids good as well. I bundled up Reese and sent her out first. Next I started getting Aidan dressed. His gloves are constantly falling off because they are too big, so I attempted to push them through his sleeves to keep them on. Unfortunately the gloves were too big to fit through so his arms and hands were practically useless stuck inside his coat sleeves. I sent him out anyway and helped him down the two steps from our back door. He took approxiumately two steps after that and fell flat on his face. He was unable to catch himself as I had bundled him up so that he could not use his hands or arms. He kicked and flailed for a second (think Ralphie in "A Christmas Story") while I jumped out the door in my socks, picked him up and set him back on his feet.

I had to take his coat and gloves off and put them back on so that his arms went completely through the sleeve, but then his gloves would not stay on. By this time Randy was home working on his computer in the bedroom. Every few minutes Aidan would knock on the patio door holding a glove and ask Randy, "Daddy put it on?"

Later Reese was licking snow off of a patio table when Aidan came up to stand beside her. As soon as he was settled next to her, she decided to sweep the snow off of the table and right into Aidan's face! Fortunately for Aidan, by that time it was time to come in and start getting ready for dinner. I would really be suprised if he wants to go play outside in the snow anytime soon! I only wish that I could have had my camera or videocamera out this afternoon.

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