Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Monday, July 19, 2010

On the Mend

Aidan on Saturday. His face just looks so pained and it is totally unusual for him to sit still like this for any amount of time.

After almost 4 days of some very unusual behavior and symptoms I decided to take Aidan to the doctor. On Thursday he had a slight fever and was drooling a lot, so I gave him some tylenol thinking that he was teething. The next day he seemed fine until we went out for dinner. He was very clingy during the meal and was uninterested in anything to eat or drink. I gave him tylenol again and looked around in his mouth trying to feel for a new tooth coming in. Saturday morning he was an absolute monster. He took a drink out of his juice and screamed bloody murder. I thought that his new tooth could be sensitive to hot or cold, but the juice he drank from was room temperature and should not have caused that kind of reaction. He barely ate or drank all day and continued to be very clingy. Looking in his mouth again, I noticed that his tongue was kind of whitish. I thought that maybe he had thrush, which is like a yeast infection of the mouth. Being late on Saturday the clinics were all closed and did not feel like we needed to take him to the emergency room as tylenol seemed to be helping the pain. We kept him on tylenol all day Sunday too and he seemed about the same, not eating or drinking much and screaming in pain when he did. I also noticed three little red bumps on his foot.
Thankfully when I called the doctor this morning, they were able to get us an appointment to see the doctor. The doctor checked his ears and everything looked fine. He then checked his throat and found a blister on the side of his tongue. He then asked if I had seen any rashes anywhere on his body. When I reported the bumps on his feet, he immediately checked them out and it confirmed the Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Though there is no medication, he said that we should continue the tylenol regimen since that seemed to be alleviating some of the symptoms. The virus usually passes in 3-4 days, so he should be on the mend. Hopefully, I will have my healthy boy back soon!

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