Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little Fish

Reese in her life jacket at the beach.

My in-laws have the perfect antidote for hot summer days, an above ground pool. Whenever we can we spend a few hours in the afternoon swimming to beat the heat. Usually Reese is swimming with her life jacket and a floaty around her waist while I swim with Aidan and Debbie swims with Jack. This works out pretty well because all the kids can be in the water at once and we don't have to worry about anyone drowning. Today for some reason Reese decided that she would climb down the ladder and try to swim on her own, i.e. no flotation devices. Debbie had just gotten out with Jack, and I was doing laps in the pool so Aidan could drive his car on the pools edge. All of a sudden Debbie screamed and jumped into the pool. I turned and saw Reese treading water with her head tilted back as far as she could so as not to get her head underwater. I jumped over and picked her up by the bathing suit soon after she went under. I calmly told her that she needed to inform somebody whenever she wanted to go for a swim without any assistance so that we could watch her and help if needed. Then everybody congratulated her on her attempt and how well she did. Fortunately she was not hurt and she is not completely afraid of the water. I think it gave her just enough respect that it could be dangerous and she needs to make sure that somebody is watching her.

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