Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Days of the week

Recently while at grammys the kids found some old legos. They were dirty so grammy promised them that they could play with them tomorrow after she had a chance to clean them. The next morning Aidan asked me: "Mommy, what day is it?"
Me: "Thursday."
Aidan: "Awww when is it going to be tomorrow?"
Me: 'Well, actually it is tomorrow, but the day is called Thursday."

A few days later we celebrated Mother's Day. The next day as we drove to grammys' the days of the week came up again.
Aidan: "Mommy, what day is it?"
Me: "It's Monday."
Aidan: "So it's not still Mother's Day?"
Me: "Every day is Mother's Day because I get to be your mom every day."
Aidan: "But nobody buys you presents?"
Me: "No, but the best present is for you and Reese to get along and be my big helpers."

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