Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Best Birthday Ever!

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my 31st birthday! I thought that it was going to be a pretty low key weekend, with some shopping with my husband and kids and then a visit to see my mom. I tried to schedule a quick haircut on Saturday morning before we left town. The quick haircut soon turned into 2 hours. Not only was my husband upset at having had to entertain the kids during that time period, but he was also upset that we were getting a late start to the day. We arrived at the mall in Iowa City about 90 minutes later and went staight to Motherhood Maternity so that I could look for some new maternity clothes. I found a few items and headed to the changing room. Both kids went in with me and kept going in and out of the curtain. At one time Reese popped her head out and shouted, "Grandma Potter!" My mom and sister had been texting my husband to see where we were and were trying to suprise me. It suprised me alright! I had to quickly get dressed and get out to see them!

After a bunch of suprised hugs and chatter, I paid for my purchases and we were off shopping. We took a break for lunch soon after. My kids were getting tired and cranky, so my husband offered to take them back to the hotel for a nap, so that we could get some serious shopping done! I know, he's a keeper! So they left and we finished up at the mall. Then we hit a few other stores before my husband texted me that the kids were awake. We were pretty tired, and getting hungry, so we decided to go to the hotel and figure something out for dinner. We ended up ordering pizzas because it was rainy and cold. We sat in the room visiting while the kids played in forts they built out of the blankets and pillows. The kids each suprised me with a box. Reese's gift contained tickets for her and I to go to the Disney on Ice show the next day. Aidan's gift included tickets to go to a movie together. Soon after dinner, my mom and sister headed home. I took the kids down to the pool, but the pool was overcrowded and cold, so we returned to the room to watch a movie. By the time the movie was over, we were ready for bed.

The kids did not sleep very well, so we got a very early start and headed back home. It worked out well, as they got an early nap, waking up just in time for Reese and I to head to the Disney Princesses on Ice show. Here is a picture of my little princess waiting for the show to start:

The show was amazing. The costumes and sets were unbelieveable!

Though the show was advertised targeting young girls, I think that my son would also have enjoyed it. Not only were each of the princesses represented, but also The Incredibles, Peter Pan, and Lion King to name a few. I hope to find a movie that he will be interested in, so that we can have our date soon!

After the show, we met my husband and son at my in-laws. There the kids helped to bake and decorate a cake for me.

My husband knows me so well, and did such a wonderful job planning the whole weekend. It was great just spending time with all of the people that I love the most! It was by far my best birthday ever!

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