Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Monday, August 23, 2010

Reese gets the gimme's

Reese is at that age where she sees things on tv or in the store and says, "I want that!" We try not to watch too much tv and when we do, it is generally Nick Jr. or IPTV so that there are minimal commercial interruptions. Occassionally, though, we do watch other channels. Recently, while watching tv, a commercial for Pillow Pets came on. Now seriously what kid could resist a pillow that is also a pet! Reese was screaming at me, "Mommy! I want that!" and singing along. Thankfully, once the show comes back on, the wonderful Pillow Pet is forgotten.

A few times this summer when it has been rainy and we are sick of being stuck in the house, we have gone shopping and spent some time in the toy aisles at different stores. Reese generally points out things that she would like, but I tell her, "Not today," and she puts it back on the shelf without a fuss! We will continue to do this so that the kids are conditioned to leave without things and I can get ideas for Christmas and birthdays! The same thing happens once we reach the checkout. Reese will play with any toys in the aisle or look at the candy, but rarely asks for anything and has never thrown a fit when we say it is time to leave without said candy or toys!
You could say that we are really tough parents, as our children rarely ever go out to eat and get an actual kids meal with toys. We have found that it is often cheaper to split an adult meal between the two of them, rather than to order 2 kids meals just so that they can each have a toy.
This weekend marks the first time that I have caved and bought something that Reese wanted and, suprisingly, it was something I was going to buy anyway! We were near the produce and Reese got all excited that they had Princess Grapes. I notice a display of boxes covered in pictures of the Disney Princesses and find packages of grapes inside. I was planning to buy fruit anyway, so I gladly threw a package in.

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