Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More cute Reesisms

Everbody qweem up!- Somewhere we started singing clean up, clean up as we clean up the toys that we have been playing with. For some reason Reese sounds like she says qweem instead of clean and it is so cute!

That's Aidan- If you ask Reese what her name is she quickly points to Aidan and says "That's Aidan". We haven't decided if she is just a proud big sister or is hoping that somebody will take her little brother so she can be an only child!

I want em- This translates to I want lemonade!

Shocklate milk- chocolate milk

Cubbers- when tucking Reese into bed she always asks for her cubbers (covers).

Kwikwi- her blanket used to be kiki, it is now known as kwikwi

We recently went to a streetfest in our little hometown. They had a band playing and Reese ran around and danced until we dragged her kicking and screaming home to bed! When we returned to the restaurant a few days later Reese pointed and said "I go dancing!"

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