Parenting Story

Parenting Story

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wedding Planning Already

Reese and I have been talking a lot lately about growing older. She is all about growing older and is constantly talking about all of the things that she will do when she is 7, 10,15 and beyond. I, on the other hand, constantly tease her that I am going to put a brick on her head so that she can not grow any more. Today we were talking about Randy and I's wedding and she said, "Someday I will get married and wear a white dress." I was taken aback by this statement and wanted to answer that she will not be getting married for a very long time, but insteas answered with a simple,"Yes, you will." Then she got really quiet and asked in a choked up voice: "But will that mean that I will have to leave you?" Though I wanted to answer, "No, your husband will definitely want to move into our house and we can all live together like one big, happy family." Reese is smart and I knew that she had already made the connection that her father and I had left our parents homes to get married and start our family. So I answered with the truth. Me: "Yes, you will, but you will be with your husband and you will still be able to see me."

Monday, July 2, 2012

Future Olympic Gymnast

We were watching the Olympic Trials the other night and one of the gymnasts was up for the balanace beam. As she walked across the beam, Reese announced, "Some day I am going to be a professional walker like that!" and she started walking around the room like she was on a balance beam.